Why Is The Keto Diet So Effective?
Ketosis is a metabolic state in which there’s a high concentration of ketones in the blood. This happens when fat provides most of the fuel for the body, and there’s limited access to glucose. 
This metabolic process has many shocking benefits, but most importantly, it causes your body to LOSE WEIGHT fast

But There's More To Understand...

Low-Carb Diets Reduce Your Appetite

Hunger tends to be the worst side effect of dieting.

It is one of the main reasons why many people feel miserable and eventually give up.

However, low-carb eating leads to an automatic reduction in appetite.

Studies consistently show that when people cut carbs and eat more protein and fat, they end up eating far fewer calories.

Low-Carb Diets Lead to More Weight Loss

Cutting carbs is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight.

Studies illustrate that people on low-carb diets lose more weight, faster, than those on low-fat diets — even when the latter are actively restricting calories.

This is because low-carb diets act to rid excess water from your body, lowering insulin levels and leading to rapid weight loss in the first week or two.

In studies comparing low-carb and low-fat diets, people restricting their carbs sometimes lose 2–3 times as much weight — without being hungry.

Most Of Fat Loss Comes From Your Abdominal Cavity

Not all fat in your body is the same.

Where fat is stored determines how it affects your health and risk of disease.

The two main types are subcutaneous fat, which is under your skin, and visceral fat, which accumulates in your abdominal cavity and is typical for most overweight men.

Visceral fat tends to lodge around your organs. Excess visceral fat is associated with inflammation and insulin resistance — and may drive the metabolic dysfunction so common in the West today. 

Low-carb diets are very effective at reducing this harmful abdominal fat. In fact, a greater proportion of the fat people lose on low-carb diets seems to come from the abdominal cavity.

Over time, this should lead to a drastically reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Low-carb and ketogenic diets can also be particularly helpful for people with diabetes and insulin resistance, which affect millions of people worldwide.

Studies prove that cutting carbs lowers both blood sugar and insulin levels drastically.

Some people with diabetes who begin a low-carb diet may need to reduce their insulin dosage by 50% almost immediately.

In one study in people with type 2 diabetes, 95% had reduced or eliminated their glucose-lowering medication within six months.

And The List Goes On...

  • Improves Acne
  • May Reduce Risk Of Certain Cancers
  • May Improve Heart Health
  • ​May Protect Brain Function
  • ​Potentially Reduces Seizures
  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • May Help Control Migraines
  • ​Increased Energy Levels
  • ​May Help Against Depression & Fatigue

The Keto Diet Has up To 42+ Know Benefits

There is so much to learn about this amazing diet plan...

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Here's What Others Had To Say...

" I've struggled with my weight my whole life and it's safe to say that I've tried a LOT of diets... The Keto diet is the only one I've managed to stick to and the weight is literally melting off my body. Unlike other diets where I am feeling hungry all day and food is constantly on my mind, the keto diet has completely eliminated this, I actually NEVER feel hungry with this way of eating!
I would definitely recommend anyone struggling to lose weight to try these custom keto meal plans as they really have been a godsend for me. "  
Gary Best, Canada
" I'm 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I've lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it's actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up "
Jessica Grey, US

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